Muhammad Akbar Silver Rupee, minted in Lahore

2024-05-07 Tue

Lahore, now in Pakistan, was a prosperous city in Punjab during the reign of Akbar. At that time, it served as the capital of all the subah. Lahore was known for being the most important mint, which regularly issued coins in all three metals. Akbar's earliest known misqals (Sharukhis) were also issued from Lahore.

Akbar, Silver Rupee weighing (11.2g-11.6g) Minted in Lahore Mint. The obverse is inscribed as Allahu Akbar at the top, Jale Jalaluhu at the bottom. The reverse is inscribed as Ilahi month Khurdad at the top, mint name Lahore and year 44 at the bottom.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery