Malwa Sultan Nasir Shah Gold Square Tanka

2024-05-06 Mon

Nasir Shah ruled the Malwa Sultanate from AH 906 to AH 916.

Nasir Shah issued coins in gold, silver, and copper. Many of his coins are square-shaped, which is typical of his father's reign. He also minted some special issue coins in silver, which were round. One of his gold tankas was in the "mihrabi" shape, while one of his silver tankas was diamond-shaped.

Nasir Shah issued this Gold Square Tanka weighing 10.9g. The obverse features legend ‘Al Wathiq Ba'l Samad Lam Yazali Abu'l Muzaffar Nasir Shah’. The reverse features legend ‘Bin Ghiyath Shah Al Khalji Al Sultan Khallada Mulkahu’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction