About Us

Mintage World is a newly established online Museum based in Mumbai. Catering to Numismatists, Notaphilists and Philatelists, we are committed to a higher quality of services.

Mintage World was founded by Sri Sushilkumar Agrawal in 2015 who is also the Chairman & Managing Director of Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The purpose of this site is to impart knowledge and interest in the areas of Numismatics, Notaphily and Philately to the general public, collectors, students and scholars alike. Mintage World is the first website of its kind in the world where it provides all three domains under one roof.

Our team is composed of personnel with extensive experience in Numismatics, Notaphily and Philately. The site promotes research work among scholars as well as educating the general public. By educating the public it strives to create awareness among the people in all three fields. Our vision is to involve people for the preservation of India's vast and varied historical and cultural heritage through Coins, Bank Notes and Stamps.

It is our earnest desire that every visitor to this site would not leave empty handed but would be equipped with new knowledge of one's past and a pronounced interest in one or all three spheres.

Advisory Board of Mintage World

Ashok Singh Thakur

Mr Ashok Jairaj Singh Thakur is yet another esteemed member of our Advisory Board. He is the District Convener of Chandrapur and Member of the Governing Council of INTACH and has been appointed as an approved member on Editorial Board for District Gazetteer for Maharashtra State by Cultural and Tourism Ministry of Maharashtra.

Mr Ashok Singh Thakur has authored four books and innumerable leaflets and articles on the history and heritage of Chandrapur. He has been passionate and true to his love for history and archaeology and has discovered and saved many historical monuments in and around Chandrapur.

With the help of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), he has participated in and directed many archaeological excavations. He has represented the historical world of Chandrapur on various TV programmes and News reports.

He was lauded for his generous donation of valuable coins (around 100 specimens) to Jamshedpur Coin Museum on its inauguration in 2009.

Being such an enigmatic numismatist and an inspiration to many, he has been honoured and awarded by many esteemed organisations and institutes in India. To name a few:

  • Awarded by ASI (Prehistoric Branch) Nagpur for "Cultural Awareness Programme" in 2006.
  • Grand Prix Gold Medal Award for Outstanding Coin exhibition in "92nd Conference of the Numismatic Society of India" in Indore.
  • Ex-Special Executive Magistrate, Govt. of Maharashtra.
  • Honoured by ASI (Aurangabad Division) on World Heritage Week 2011.
  • Award for "Best Collection of Mughal Coins" in "88th Conference of the Numismatic Society of India" in Nagpur.

He has played a vital role in undertaking of many social awareness projects too. In the year 1994, he took up the project of making Voter Identity cards in Chandrapur District. He was also one of the first to start "Gramin Puraskar" in Maharashtra for uplifting and encouraging rural entrepreneurs and has helped create general awareness in this matter since 1990.

He continues to be a driving force in the field of Numismatics and is a Member, Editor and Secretary of many such Coin Societies from across the country.

Recently, he has donated 400 coins to the newly renovated Priyadarshani Indira Gandhi Sabhagriha, Chandrapur. Its gallery, which was inaugurated on 13th of July, 2017 at the hands of Maharashtra Finance and Forest Minister Shri Sudhir Mungantiwar, consists of Ancient to Republic India coins made up of gold, silver, and copper.

Dr. Dilip Rajgor

Dr. Dilip Rajgor is the first Ph. D. in Numismatics from the University of Bombay (1995), who earned his Doctorate directly from B. Com., without the mandatory degree of Masters in Arts. Later he earned his Master's Degree in Archaeology & Ancient Indian History from the M.S. University of Baroda topping it First Class First with Distinction (1997); and simultaneously he also topped the Post Graduate Diploma in Linguistics from Baroda (1997). Dilip also cleared the much-coveted NET - National Eligibility Test, of the University Grants Commission in the first attempt (2000).

A trained Indologist, Dilip has been serving Indian Numismatics since 1987 in various capacities like a Research Scholar, Professor, Director, Consultant, Publisher, Portfolio Manager, and an Auctioneer. He has the credit of having written more than 21 books and 75+ research articles on coins, history, linguistics, and allied subjects. He is also the only person who has the distinction of being Founder Cataloguer of as many as 4 numismatic auction houses in India, as well as editing of 125+ auction catalogues since 1989. He has also been a Principal Researcher for a documentary film (2004).

Among a number of honours and awards, Dilip is the recipient of the prestigious H. D. Sankalia Young Archaeologist Award (1997), Pune; Outstanding Achievement Award, the Numismatic Society of Calcutta (2007); Hon Life Member, the Mumbai Coin Society (2010); and Life Time Achievement Award, the Delhi Coin Society (2013).

Among the important Positions held by him, Dilip is the Founder Director of Dinesh Mody Numismatic Museum (2005), and University of Mumbai Dinesh Mody Institute for Numismatics and Archaeology (2006), and was instrumental in launching India's first Master's degree in Numismatics (2007). He was a Regional Secretary for South Asia, the Oriental Numismatic Society, United Kingdom (2006-14).

Girish Sharma

Mr Girish Sharma is a phenomenal Numismatist and coin collection is not just a hobby for him. He has invested his whole life for the cause of Numismatics!

"My entire life is dedicated to the field of numismatics. My vision is to safeguard my rich heritage of India in the form of coins, I'm ready to take any challenge & pass through any obstacles that come my way in protecting this field with the best of my abilities" - Girish Sharma

He has a massive collection, consisting of over 150,000 coins in best conditions. He has been a winner at many National level Coin Exhibitions. He's been the saviour of our India's glorious past by conserving & collecting coins. He is very helpful & pro-active in helping collectors for the identifications of their coins and shares numismatic related knowledge selflessly. He considers every person who collects coins as his good friend.

Along with being a Numismatist, he is also a Phillumenist (a collector of Match labels), Cumyxaphist (a collector of match-boxes) and a Philluberumenist (a collector of book match covers).

Mr. Girish Sharma holds an important position in the numismatic world and presides over a few renowned organisations.

  • Regional Secretary of the Indian Coin Society
  • President - Central Indian Numismatic Society

He is also a Life member of Numismatic Society of India and a member of The Oriental Numismatic Society of India. Such is his dedication for the field of numismatics that he has been a constant inspiration for many budding collectors.

Girish Veera

Mr Girish J Veera, Chairman of Oswal Antiques is the founding partner of India's first Numismatic Auction house. He started his own company namely "Oswal Antiques" in 2007 & later on started Numismatic Auctions from 2009.

Mr Girish J Veera is a keen collector of the coinage of Medieval India, especially those of the South Indian dynasties. Along with Oswal Antiques, he is also a founding member of Mumbai Coin Society. He's also one of the co-founder & members of Association of Indian Numismatic Auction houses. Being associated with various Indian Numismatic Societies across the country he has played an important roll in resolving many trade related issues.

Kaizad Todywalla

Mr Kaizad Farokh Todywalla, the Scion of the Todywalla family: a diversified business group with interests from Numismatics, Philately and Indian Antiquities to Real Estate and Finance. He is an Economics Graduate with a PG certification in International Trade.

He holds a key position in Todywalla Auctions which happens to be India's first and largest numismatic and philately auction house having concluded over 120 auctions till date.

He also holds prominent positions in various other organisations, such as:

  • Joint Treasurer of the Philatelic Congress of India (the national apex body for philately in India)
  • Secretary, Mumbai Coin Society (the largest coin society in India)
  • Governing Council Member, The Philatelic Society of India (the oldest philately society in Asia)
He is also the Joint Convenor of the annual S. M. Shukla Coin and Stamp Fair, which is the country's longest running and largest hobby fair, now in its 27th year.

He has spearheaded many discussions that were vital for the growth of this industry. He has played an active role in negotiating the tariffs in the GST regime and was instrumental in getting exemption on Philately in the MVAT regime too.

He brings a formidable repertoire of technical knowledge and know how regarding the twin hobbies.

Praful K.Thakkar

He is an ardent collector of autographs, stamps, FDCs, coins, medals, tokens, badges, badge plates, etc. since last more than 55 years. 'Share the Knowledge & Spread the Knowledge' is the motto of his life. As I.A.S. officer he has served the Government of Gujarat for more than 31 years and has retired as Secretary to the Government of Gujarat. Even after retirement he has still continued his various hobbies and he firmly believes that 'Hobby is for Health & Hobby is for Happiness'.

The hobbies of Autograph, Numismatic and Philatelic collection have given him new energy and enthusiasm. For him any such hobby is a worship that keeps him pure, fit and healthy. People have hobbies for happiness and harvesting profit in future. For him it is for keeping good health too. He lives in the hobby and hobby lives in him. To him the passion for this hobby is a source of happiness. And therefore, his life's symbolic slogan is 'Living with Hobby is Living in Happiness'.

He tries to share his knowledge, experience and happiness with all the collectors by writing books and creating and maintaining various websites. He has contributed to all the three areas of hobbies viz. Numismatic & para-numismatic, philatelic and Autograph collections. He has authored about 9 Collector's Guides for the hobbyists. Many of his Collector's Guides have received International Awards at Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, USA and many other countries. He has designed and created for all the above three areas, useful websites viz. www.indianautographs.com, www.indiannumismatics.com & www.indianphilatelics.com. These websites are highly informative and presenting Thematic, Classic and Exotic gallery of his marvellous collections in respective hobbies.

His autograph collection and website www.indianautographs.com has been appreciated and awarded a certificate of LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2009. He has been bestowed with Life Time Achievement Award by the Numismatic Society of India, Varanasi; Indian Coin Society, Nagpur; Indian National Trust for Art Culture & Heritage, Gwalior; Gujarat Coin Society, Ahmedabad, "Mudra-Ratna"- Life Time Achievement Award by Mumabi Coin Society, Mumbai and many such organizations. Recently he has been honoured by Autograph Collectors' Club of India with Life Time Achievement Award at AUTOGRAPHEX 2016 at New Delhi.

We feel proud and privileged to have him on our Advisory Board.

Rezwan Razack

Mintage world would like to thank Mr. Rezwan Razack for granting us the permission to use images from his vast and wonderful collection of paper notes of India. His collection includes all banknotes issued by British India.

Rezwan is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of India's most recognized real estate company, The Prestige Group. Having commenced on this tremendous journey with this older brother Irfan, the family-owned retail business which began 33 years ago, has blossomed into a successful empire. Prestige Group has an array of projects ranging from

  • premium office building of 15 million sqft
  • SEZs & Campuses of 9 million sqft
  • Residential of 12 million sqft
  • Hospitality - 4 million sqft
  • Education 500,00 sqft
  • Retail development of 4.5 million sqft

Rezwan played a key role in the company's IPO by entering the capital market in 2010. The company holds the ownership and developmental rights for the 57.36 million sqft. projects which are under various stages of development. Rezwan is also India's most well know notaphilist, with an enviable collection of bank notes and paper money that he has built over the last 40 years. With his in-depth knowledge on the subject, Rezwan has co-authored a collector's edition book 'The Revised Standard References Guide to Indian Money'. Currently, he is the Chairman of The International Bank Note - India Banknote Collectors' Chapter.

Rezwan has been awarded the 2010 Achievement Award by the International Bank Note Society for his significant contribution to the Advancement of Numismatic Knowledge with his article' 'Banknotes of Portuguese India.' Rezwan also won the Fred Philipson Award for the best article in IBNS journal 2010. The Governor General of Canada, His Excellency, the Right Honourable David Johnston, during his state visit in 2014 awarded a Medallion and Scroll to Rezwan. He is also an avid golfer, a food enthusiast, and a traveller.